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27 januari 2015

The Tired Man and Saxe: new chairs By Lassen Spring 2015

When we visited Copenhagen mid January we had the pleasure to bring a flash visit to the By Lassen showroom to get a sneak peek of the new products for the coming season.
Although most of the furniture in the showroom was on its way to Paris for Maison & Objet, there was some news left behind.

Following the huge success of the auctioned original chairs designed by Fleming Lassen, 'The Tired Man' (1935) was brought back into production. And there was a Tired Man we could try out. Even though the chair may look a bit old fashioned it looks welcoming and cozy at the same time. And it is extremely comfortable to sit in. The chair surrounds you, yes hugs you. It was a true 'WOW' moment. It made me feel like I was 6 years old and back on my grandpa's lap.

The Tired man 2015

More contemporary looking but nevertheless a classic design by Mogens Lassen is Saxe. Saxe is a folding chair with a wooden frame and a leather seat. It was designed in 1955 for The Cabinetmakers' Guild Exhibition. True craftsmanship is revealed in the gently curved wooden legs and the meticulous stitching of the leather, The details make this chair a small piece of art and a must have new classic icon.
2015, the chair's 60's anniversary, is a perfect year to re-introduce the chair. It comes in 3 versions.

Saxe folding chair


Tijdens ons flitsbezoek aan de showroom van Kopenhagen konden we kennis maken met twee nieuwe stoelen in de collectie van By Lassen: The Tired Man (Fleming Lassen, 1935) en Saxe (Mogens Lassen, 1955). 
The Tired Man is een supercomfortable stoel die je letterlijk omarmt. Een bijzondere ervaring waarbij ik me ineens weer 6 jaar oud voelde op schoot van mijn opa.
Saxe is een moderne vouwstoel waarin typisch Scandinavisch design, materialen en vakmanschap verenigd zijn. De zacht glooiende houten poten en het mooie dikke, nauwkeurig gestikte leer maken van deze stoel een nieuwe must have designikoon. Saxe is er in 3 varianten.

Images: By Lassen

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